WHAM!: “Fantastic” limited red LP

WHAM!: “Fantastic” limited red LP


WHAM!: “Fantastic” limited red LP. Released 24th March 2024

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WHAM!: “Fantastic” limited red LP. Released 24th March 2024

Fantastic is the debut studio album by English pop duo Wham!, released on 1 July 1983.[4] It reached number one on the UK Albums Chart. It included the previously released singles “Young Guns”, “Wham Rap!” and “Bad Boys”. “Club Tropicana” was released as a single to coincide with the album’s release. Although not on the album, “Club Fantastic Megamix” (a medley of songs from the album) was released against the band’s wishes by Innervision soon after Fantastic, and whilst they were in proceedings to leave the label.[5]

According to Andrew Ridgeley in his 2019 book Wham! George and Me, it was during the early stages of writing and recording of this album that the pair agreed that George Michael should take sole responsibility for writing the group’s material. Before securing their first record deal, they had written songs together, and made their first demos with these songs. When work started in the studio, Michael—according to Ridgeley—started working “at lightning speed”, and it quickly became clear that he was by far the better songwriter. Ridgeley would later say that it was not something that he particularly wanted, but there was no doubt it was the way to go to achieve the success they both wanted.[6] Two new songs, “Golden Soul” and “Soul Boy”, were written by Michael and Ridgeley for the album but both were shelved as “neither of them were any good”.[7] They were replaced by tracks written and arranged by Michael.

The album features a hidden track (played on a honky-tonk-style piano) after the final 20 seconds of “Young Guns (Go for It!)”.

1. “Bad Boys” 3:19
2. “A Ray of Sunshine” 4:43
3. “Love Machine”
4. “Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)” 6:41

Side two

5. “Club Tropicana” 4:28
6. “Nothing Looks the Same in the Light” 5:53
7. “Come On” 4:24
8. “Young Guns (Go for It!)” 3:55

Total length: 36:42

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