about us

Hello. We opened in October 2016. Canterbury needed a small independent record shop, nobody else seemed to be doing it, so we went ahead. We are on Castle Street, 3 doors down from the guitar shop.

We named ourselves after a weak pun on the band name Dinosaur Jr, partly because they are awesome, but mostly just because it was the name that stuck at the relevant moment (there were MANY worse names).

When we opened we were an all-new, vinyl-only indie shop but since then we have evolved quite a lot.

We are now 50/50 new/secondhand. On the new side, we mostly stock new releases on the indie/alternative side of things along with a smattering of classics, some jazz, anything good really!

We still only stock vinyl, but that may change….

On the secondhand side of the shop, it is a VERY mixed bag: classic rock, prog, psychedelia, punk, indie/alternative, 80s, jazz, plus a bit of everything else.

So to answer your next question: Do we buy records? Yes, we do. Mainly anything from that selection above (we ALWAYS need Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Led Zep, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Miles Davis, Radiohead etc plus anything Canterbury related esp Caravan and Soft Machine) but we will very happily take a look at anything really. But not Perry Como or Jim Reeves please. Or Mantovani.

So what else? We do Record Store Day. Generally on the 3rd Saturday in April. Yes there are rules attached (one of each release per person, no bookings), and yes we stick by them.

We host live music pretty regularly. Check Facebook for details. We’ve had Slaves, Syd Arthur, The Wandering Hearts, but mostly we like to support local bands. We also stock local records (and sometimes CDS and tapes too).


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