RIDE: “Carnival Of Light” limited green 2LP

RIDE: “Carnival Of Light” limited green 2LP


RIDE: “Carnival Of Light” limited green 2LP. Released 4th August 2023

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RIDE: “Carnival Of Light” limited green 2LP. Released 4th August 2023

Following their ‘Nowhere’ 30th anniversary UK tour last year, shoegaze legends Ride release two more titles of their early classic albums ‘Tarantula’ and ‘Carnival of Light’ via Wichita Recordings. These follow last year’s reissues of ‘Nowhere’, ‘4EPs’, and ‘Going Blank Again’ from their days on Creation Records.

‘Carnival of Light’ the band’s third album is repressed in transparent glow in the dark green double vinyl, and comes with a 12×12 insert All the original audio has been reworked and refined.

So it’s a VERY welcome reissue for their third album from 1994. It’s reputation hasn’t always been kind to it (even the band referred to it as “Carnival Of Shite”) but don’t believe anybody because it’s a phenomenal album. The trouble was that it largely ditched the shoegaze elements for which they were loved and instead embraced their love of 1960s psychedelia just as lots of other bands were doing the same in that proto-Britpop era. So it’s laden in Stonesy guitar and Byrdsy harmonies and awash in Hammond organ and sounds not unlike their Creation labelmates The Charlatans to be honest. Plus the story was that Andy Bell and Mark Gardiner were getting on so badly that they basically had their songs on a disc each, Mark largely Disc 1 and Andy largely Disc 2.
BUT crucially, it’s full of brilliant songs. The epic centrepiece “Birdman” is literally one of the best songs they ever recorded.
So don’t approach it expecting a shoegaze album at all, as it certainly isn’t. Instead, embrace it for what it is and it’s full of treats.

A1 Moonlight Medicine 6:47
A2 1000 Miles 4:58

B1 From Time To Time 5:05
B2 Natural Grace 4:39
B3 Only Now 4:25

C1 Birdman 6:38
C2 Crown Of Creation 4:40
C3 How Does It Feel To Feel? 3:39

D1 Endless Road 3:29
D2 Magical Spring 4:24
D3 Rolling Thunder 2:07
D4 I Don’t Know Where It Comes From 5:31

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