W.H. LUNG: “Vanities” limited yellow LP.

W.H. LUNG: “Vanities” limited yellow LP.



W.H. LUNG: “Vanities” limited yellow LP. Released 12th Nov 2021

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W.H. LUNG: “Vanities” limited yellow LP. Released 12th Nov 2021

Second album from the Manchester band. Their debut “Incidental Music” was a lot of people Album Of The Year in 2019.

‘An ecstatic dance-rock hybrid with shades of New Order and hints of a Happy Mondays swagger’ Mojo – Rising – September 2021

“Vanities artily refines an exhilarating brand of up-front electro-dance” MOJO ⅘

‘Idiosyncratic yet euphoric electronic pop on triumphant second LP’ 9/10 Uncut

”One of the most effective alternative pop albums of the year” 4/5 Record Collector

‘Emblazoned sounds gratifying a synth pop majesty, turned up to an eye blistering 11 in search of the lost disco chord, they are a band of the people. W.H. Lung carry on the tradition of not just The Mondays, but bands like New Order and Cabaret Voltaire amongst others, who pushed away from mainstream, but in doing so somehow managed to define it.’

Tracklisting: 1 Calm Down 2 Gd Tym 3 Pearl in the Palm 4 Ways of Seeing 5 ARPi 6 Showstopper
7 Figure with Flowers 8 Somebody Like 9 Kaya

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