TRASH MAMMOTH: “Radio Friendly” CD EP

TRASH MAMMOTH: “Radio Friendly” CD EP


TRASH MAMMOTH: “Radio Friendly” CD EP

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TRASH MAMMOTH: “Radio Friendly” CD EP

Trash Mammoth, aka “Will” and “Jack”, blur the horizons between garage-rock, performance art, and comedy. By defying conventional genres, they have spawned a conceptual artistic movement of their own, perhaps “post-music”. Their live performances have become legendary and divisive. For the enlightened, it can be a transcendental fusion of bravura irony and virtuosic majesty. For others, it can prompt metaphysical questions including “what even is this?” and “why on Earth am I here?”

In October 2018, they graced mediocre Canterbury Record Shop Vinylstore Jr with their presence, curating a micro festival dubbed “Trash-Fest”. For those that were there, it literally occurred and will burn brightly on their eyelids and eardrums for all of eternity.

To mark the occasion, they have created a highly collectable artefact, to be savoured and treasured. It constitutes a sound recording on a 12.7cm diameter disc, which can be played on a machine usually referred to as a “compact disc player”. It is housed in a hinged plastic case and bears the legend “Trash Mammoth-Radio Friendly”.

When inserted into the above-mentioned “compact disc player”, music will emerge…the likes of which have never been heard before.

1 Radio

2 Time

3 ? (this is it’s actual name)

Please note that this is a highly limited edition. Demand will doubtless outstrip supply, so please brace yourself for potential disappointment. One CD per order. Please do not re-sell at an exorbitant profit. Caveat Emptor.



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