THE PHYSICS HOUSE BAND: “Metropolis” purple LP.

THE PHYSICS HOUSE BAND: “Metropolis” purple LP.



THE PHYSICS HOUSE BAND: “Metropolis” purple LP. Released 9th April 2021

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THE PHYSICS HOUSE BAND: “Metropolis” purple LP. Released 9th April 2021

The Physics House Band present METROPOLIS. A 50-minute mind warping performance recorded live at Metropolis Studios, to a small invited audience. The set brings together pieces from across our diverse back catalogue, weaved together with furious energy. On this record we explore light and dark themes in jazz fusion, prog, noise and electronic music.

We teamed up with world leading product developers, BOSS and Roland to present the sessions, incorporating a diverse range of instruments from synthesizers to a wide range of effect pedals, alongside acoustic instruments such as vintage drums, grand piano and saxophone.

It was inredible to use the Studio 1 live space at London’s Metropolis Studios (while Future was recording his new album next door in Studio 2). We were able to experiment with some of the amazing equipment on offer at the studio, and bring along our producer Mark Roberts to direct the session. Also, Arctangent Festival brought along some competition winners to watch the session being filmed and recorded from the control room and atrium over looking the studio space, creating an amazing intimate show setting for

the recording.

The Physics House Band is an experimental project made up of guitarist Samuel Organ (Slugabed [live] / Kai Whiston [live]), bassist Adam Hutchison (The Go! Team), drummer Dave Morgan and saxophone/pianist Miles Spilsbury. The four create avant-garde compositions that capture everything from jazz fusion to prog to psych to doom-metal, all combined together with a furious energy transcending to their mind-bending live shows. The group have received critical acclaim from BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, The Sunday Times, NPR, Anthony Fantano, and collaborated with the writer and comedian Stewart Lee. They’ve also toured and performed notable shows alongside Alt-J, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Mono, 65daysofstatic, Django Django + more

1. Death Sequence i (live) 05:27
2. Calypso (live) 03:38
3. Death Sequence ii (live) 03:48
4. Death Sequence iii (live) 06:05
5. Holy Caves / Surrogate Head (live) 12:20
6. ObeliskMonolith (live) 03:52
7. Obidant (live) 03:56
8. Impolex (live) 04:34
9. The Astral Wave (live) 03:43
10. Mobius Strip II (live) 01:30


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