THE BEVIS FROND: “We’re Your Friends, Man” LP.

THE BEVIS FROND: “We’re Your Friends, Man” LP.


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THE BEVIS FROND: “We’re Your Friends, Man” LP. Due 7th December 2018

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THE BEVIS FROND: “We’re Your Friends, Man” LP. Due 7th December 2018

Another new album of classic psychedelic rock from the prolific genius Nick Saloman off of sunny Bexhill….

Gatefold sleeve, double black vinyl also includes a download. Brand new 20 track album from the consistently excellent The Bevis Frond.

A 90 minute blast of grown up angst that engages the best classic rock touchstones from Young and Stills guitar battles to Love’s tender melodies, Dinosaur Jr’s buzzsaw guitars and Hendrix at his most expressive.

“Harking back to the liberating songcraft of The Beatles but with a jagged edge, intense swathes and swerving changes that give it a transatlantic propulsion, a kinship with the likes of Husker  Du.” Record Collector.

Featuring a selection of poignant pop songs impregnated with mature riffs and memorable one liners from the pen of the much covered (Lemonheads, Mary Lou Lord, Teenage Fanclub, Walkingseeds) Nick Saloman. Embracing Saloman’s tongue in cheek one liners and clever use of prose, ‘We’re Your Friends, Man’ bristles with incisive wit and poignant observations.

Track Listing 1 Enjoy 2 We’re Your Friends, Man 3 Pheromones 4 Lead On 5 In The Leaves 6 Little Orchestras 7 Growing 8 A Hard Way To Learn 9 Young Man’s Game 10 Venom Drain 11 Theft 12 Gig Bag 13 I Was A Bird 14 Old Wives Tales 15 When You Cast Me Out 16 Birds of Prey 17 And Relax.. 18 The Steeple Doesn’t Reach the Sky 19 Mad Love 20 You’re On Your Own

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