Stephen EvEns: “Bonjour Poulet” SIGNED LP. IN STOCK

Stephen EvEns: “Bonjour Poulet” SIGNED LP. IN STOCK



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Stephen EvEns: Bonjour Poulet SIGNED LP. IN STOCK

Singer-Songwriter, Drummer, Studio Mogul and all-round Renaissance Man, Stephen visited the shop in April 2017 armed with a guitar and a disappointingly small organ. He signed/defaced/personalised some records while he was here, adorning the sleeves with individual illustrations and words of wisdom.

Anyway, the album is one of our favourites of year. It’s a frantic ride through post-punk and indie pop, influenced by the likes of Yo Lo Tengo and Ivor Cutler (says he) plus (say we) early Blur, Julian Cope, and (perhaps especially) The Cardiacs, All of which are a good thing.

It’s quirky, eccentric and very English. But fundamentally it is chock full of fab songs about all sorts of random things. Some of our favourite bits are: the 2 seconds of silence between My Sister and Captains of Convenience; the locked groove right at the end; the lines “it’s shorts-wearing weather in my heart” and “you can pay me back by Tuesday, Valerie” and the bit where he very nearly gives out his sister’s address. Those are the best bits. But the rest of it is pretty good too.

1. Assembly
2. Sings of Praises
3. Evil Twin
4. Car Song
5. Shorts
6. A Bear With Furniture
7. High Horse
8. Last Years Gones
9. My Sister
10. Captains of Convenience
11. Gloria 100 Million Daughters

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