MINOR THREAT: “Out Of Step” limited white LP

MINOR THREAT: “Out Of Step” limited white LP


MINOR THREAT: “Out Of Step” limited white LP

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MINOR THREAT: “Out Of Step” limited white LP

Out of Step is the sole studio album by American hardcore punk band Minor Threat. It was released on 45 RPM vinyl in April 1983 through Dischord Records.

It is considered as elementary piece of the punk rock (specifically hardcore punk) genre. Many critics and magazines have cited it as one of the best progressions in the history of rock music, which specifically helped shape the path of many genres of underground musical currents (alternative music). Its influence is notorious in future bands that would boost the youth crew movement, also in other genres such as grunge, post-hardcore, 90’s skate punk and thrash metal, as well in the development of the New York hardcore music scene and aesthetics style.

This album’s increased complexity in songs, with more elaborate riffs and arrangements, is its main distinguishing factor compared to the band’s previous recordings. The bass octaves retain the dynamics of the guitar line. Brian Baker became second guitarist for the album, and Steven Hansgen joined the bass.

The lyrics of most songs focus on themes like self-reflection, youth frustration, personal problems, and difficulties with friendships. This is in contrast to Minor Threat’s first recordings, which had a politically critical message and did not revolve around drug use.

A1 Betray
A2 It Follows
A3 Think Again
A4 Look Back & Laugh
B1 Sob Story
B2 No Reason
B3 Little Friend
B4 Out Of Step
B5 Cashing In

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