JUNIORE: “Un Deux Trois” LP. Released 10th April 2020

JUNIORE: “Un Deux Trois” LP. Released 10th April 2020


JUNIORE: “Un Deux Trois” LP. Released 28th Feb 2020

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JUNIORE: “Un Deux Trois” LP. Released 28th Feb 2020

The “yéyé noir” of Juniore has always been rooted in the cinematic as much as the

musical. The Paris outfit’s blending of 1960s French pop, hazy psychedelia, seamless

pop, surf grooves and lush orchestration feels as intertwined with big screen

aesthetics as greatly as it does being found in the grooves of vinyl. So it makes

perfect sense that the band would sooner or later find themselves appearing on

more film and TV soundtracks, including the universally lauded drama Killing Eve.

It marks a period of continuous upward trajectory and forward momentum for the band

who, since the release of their acclaimed 2018 album Magnifique, have been exposed

to more people all over the world via stages and screens. From playing huge venues

to thousands of people opening for the likes of the Dandy Warhols, to “corners of dive

bars with duct tape holding the stage together” the band have been solidifying their

sound, approach and relationship by playing extensively. “We’ve become more

connected and better musicians,” Says the band’s songwriter and singer Anna-Jean.

“I think the new songs are full of that wonderful conversation we have with each other

on stage.”

It’s this sense of deeper understanding that the band have reached between one another

that has allowed them to record an album that sounds as natural, graceful and seamless

as this one. “We are now even more who we are than before,” she says of their musical

and personal bonding. “And yet we still don’t really know who we’ll become next. I know

it sounds absurd but it’s a very nice feeling.” It’s a feeling that is mirrored in the music too.

There is a sense of familiarity, a retro pop flourish – filled with infectious rolling bass lines,

razor-sharp guitar lines, dense atmospheres and immersive melodies – yet predicting

where the album will go remains a constant impossibility.

The album’s title Un, Deux, Trois is another nod to the tight unit of the group. Swanny

Elzingre and Samy Osta make up the trio, with the former on drums and the latter sharing

guitar and keys along with Anna-Jean. It was in Samy’s cosy Paris studio that the album was

recorded. The finished tone of the album – recorded often live to a 16 track – sounds like an

amalgamation of their favourite French 60’s muses like Françoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot and

Anna Karina with the new wave spark of Devo and the B-52’s. While that cross-pollination

between sultry, sophisticated pop and good-time energy and vibrancy is certainly present,

there’s also a wealth of other touching points that underpin the record. So much so that

Anna-Jean says of the themes that run through the album: “It’s a mix of everything we have

loved and watched and felt in the last few years. It’s like a laboratory of feelings – not really

my or our feelings but more universal feelings and emotions – it’s like a nonsensical

Frankenstein’s laboratory.”

However, as fun as this record is, much like its predecessor, there’s an underlying lyrical

message that remains a key part of the band’s identity as they push forward equality-based

principles. “It’s the same as we’ve been trying to state since the beginning,” Anna-Jean

suggests. “The importance of being independent, of counterculture, humour and poetry.

Of not taking ourselves seriously but being very serious about it and fighting against sexism,

ageism, racism, consumerism – all the worthwhile fights.”


1.Soudain 2.Grave 3.Drôle D’histoire 4.En Solitaire 5.Walili 6.La Vérité Nue 7.Bizarre

8.Tu Mens 9.Que La Nuit 10.Ah Bah D’accord 11.Adolescent

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