INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP: “Pop Gossip” limited pink vinyl LP.

INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP: “Pop Gossip” limited pink vinyl LP.


INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP: “Pop Gossip” limited pink vinyl LP. Released 28th August 2020

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INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP: “Pop Gossip” limited pink vinyl LP. Released 28th August 2020

The LPX Version is pressed on Bubblegum Pink vinyl and is limited to 500 units worldwide. This is an indies only format.

After their recent collaboration with Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson on the riotously fun track ‘I Stole Yer Plimsolls’, International Teachers Of Pop have announced details of the release of their forthcoming 2nd album entitled Pop Gossip.

Ahead of the album the band come out firing on all ‘pop not pop’ cylinders with the second single from the album ‘Don’t Diss The Disco’, a glorious celebration of old & new school dancefloor togetherness.

Music and dancing is one of the last great unifiers that we have. It doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t care about race, sexual preferences, religion or what side of the fence you are on politically. Music chooses you and you just have to submit yourself to its peculiar yet tender headlock! ‘Don’t Diss the Disco’ is about that. It references Studio 54, Grace Jones & Bianca Jagger on a White Horse – but it’s mainly about clubs where we and our friends frequent like ‘Homoelectric in Manchester. This is a song for our kind of freaks and miscreants and the incessant snobbery faced by them for liking good pop music, good disco, genre’s that on the surface might not be deemed cool, but actually save souls. Says ITOP founder Adrian Flanagan (The Moonlandingz/ Eccentronic Research Council/ Adult Entertainment).
Singer Leonore Wheatley adds.
We wanted to capture that sweaty, hazy, manic, exciting mess in a song, that captures those halcyon days of Clubbing in Sheffield & Manchester, that moment the adrenaline kicks in and everyone in the room is your brother or sister.”

Talking about the album, Adrian said:
We recorded it all and produced it all ourselves at Dean’s Bowling green studio in Sheffield, it’s the best thing we’ve done since the last thing we did, which I know sounds unbelievable, but it really is! We also included Katie Mason on this record who sings live with us as a double pronged two headed front person with Leonore – and their voices together work like a harmonious dream. Katie & Leonore have been friends since primary school so you can’t fake that dynamic, it’s unbreakable) .

Leonore adds:
We decided to go deeper into the club realm. We wanted the record and live shows to go hand in hand, bringing the spectators more into becoming part of the performance.

Dean Honer who mixed the album and who has worked with everyone from Jarvis Cocker to Britney Spears said:
I like that we have a disco song about fillicide commited by the Queen. (The Tower) I wonder if Meghan and Harry heard our early demo?

1. Don’t Diss The Disco
2. Gaslight
3. I Stole Yer Plimoles (feat. Jason Williamson)
4. Flood Club
5. A Change
6. Prince (The Final Wheelie) (Introducing Katie-Mason)
7. The Red Dots (Dirty Mind)
8. Beats Working For A Living (For Martin)
9. Ein Weiterer Stein In Der Wand (End Of Days Mix)
10. Femenergy
11. The Tower

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