HONEYBLOOD: “Honeyblood” 10th Anniversary limited red LP

HONEYBLOOD: “Honeyblood” 10th Anniversary limited red LP


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HONEYBLOOD: “Honeyblood” 10th Anniversary limited red LP. Released 21st June 2024

Honeyblood’s acclaimed self-titled debut album was released adecade ago in July 2014. To mark the occasion, a 10thAnniversary Edition has been issued on translucent blood redvinyl. An album tour has been announced and starts in May. Recorded in just ten days in Connecticut, US, with producerPeter Katis, Honeyblood’s self-titled debut album was laid downin just ten days. Despite their then-fledgling status and minimalsetup, the songs came fully formed and perfectly assured. Withnothing extraneous, the music is driven through tightly boundinstrumentals and laced with the sheer strength and beauty ofStina’s voice.
 The songs resonate with deep melodic hooks, and anuncomplicated charm that at the time drew comparisons to thelikes of The Dum Dum Girls and the strident delivery of JennyLewis. They cited the darker currents of The Breeders, PJHarvey and Throwing Muses as lifelong influences.
 From the urgent guitar and dive-bomb drums of opener, ‘FallForever’, the album twists through the gutsy punk of ‘KillerBangs’ to reveal discordant anthems like ‘Super Rat’. It haspared-down, alt pop gems in the likes of ‘Biro’ and ‘No SpareKey’, but also more country-influenced moments like ‘(I’d RatherBe) Anywhere But Here’, ‘Braid Burn Valley’ and ‘Bud’.
 ‘Honeyblood’ pulls in elements of lo-fi punk rock, unfetteredindie pop and a deep-seated passion for classic rootsy songcrafting that helps give the album something of an undeniablefeel.

Fall forever
Super Rat
Anywhere But Here
Killer Bangs
No Spare Key
Fortune Cookie
All Dragged Up
Braid Burn
Super Rat (Old Mill
Bud (Old Mill Recordings)
Biro (Old Mill Recordings

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