FUGAZI: “Repeater” limited blue LP

FUGAZI: “Repeater” limited blue LP


FUGAZI: “Repeater” limited blue LP

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FUGAZI: “Repeater” limited blue LP

This is Fugazi’s first full-length record, released in 1990.

This 12″ LP was re-cut and re-issued In April 2009. This pressing of the LP is on BLUE Vinyl.

Originally Released: 1990. Recorded At Inner Ear Studios Produced By Ted Nicely

Ian MacKaye vocals & guitar Guy Picciotto vocals & guitar Joe Lally bass Brendan Canty drums

1. Turnover
2. Repeater
3. Brendan #1
4. Merchandise
5. Blueprint
6. Sieve Fisted Find
7. Greed
8. Two Beats Off
9. Styrofoam
10. Reprovisional
11. Shut the Door

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