FOUR TET: “Three” LP

FOUR TET: “Three” LP


FOUR TET: “Three” LP. Released 15th March 2024

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FOUR TET: “Three” LP. Released 15th March 2024

Three is the upcoming twelfth studio album by British electronic musician Four Tet. It is set to be released on 15 March 2024 through Text Records.

After the release of two solo albums in 2020, the musician collaborated with other artists, including Madlib, Skrillex and Fred Again, and fought a legal battle with the Domino Recording Company concerning streaming royalties in 2021 and 2022. Returning to solo endeavours, Hebden released the lead single of his forthcoming album “Three Drums” on 27 April 2023, “a wall of electronic noise” supported by a “laid back beat” and a hint of “early 90s hip-hop”.The opening track “Loved” was released on 10 January 2024 and features a “slowed, mellow drum beat” combined with “soft keyboard sounds”.

The musician announced Three on 14 February, alongside the release of “Daydream Repeat”, described as “gorgeously hypnotic”. The album artwork was designed by Jason Evans and Matthew Cooper. In promotion of the record, Hebden is set to host the “Four Tet & Friends” event in New York on 4–5 May with performances from Floating Points, UFO, and others.

All tracks are written by Kieran Hebden

No. Title Length
1. “Loved” 4:03
2. “Gliding Through Everything” 4:08
3. “Storm Crystals” 6:40
4. “Daydream Repeat” 6:08
5. “Skater” 4:15
6. “31 Bloom” 5:52
7. “So Blue” 5:29
8. “Three Drums” 8:15
Total length: 44:50

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