CRAVEN FAULTS: “Erratics & Unconformities” 2LP.

CRAVEN FAULTS: “Erratics & Unconformities” 2LP.


CRAVEN FAULTS: “Erratics & Unconformities” 2LP. Released 10th January 2020

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CRAVEN FAULTS: “Erratics & Unconformities”  2LP. Released 10th January 2020

Erratics & Unconformities is the first album by Craven Faults. It follows three EPs: Netherfield Works, Springhead Works and Nunroyd Works. Long-form analogue electronic journeys across decades and continents, and swathes of post-industrial northern Britain.

The journey on Erratics & Unconformities picks up where Netherfield Works left off. We take the canal towpath out of the city. We fork north shortly afterwards. Is this where it started? The terrain gradually becomes more rugged. Familiar. Wild. Evidence of human activity is less immediate in this glacial landscape. It’s there if you seek it. But easy to ignore. If you listen carefully, you can still hear the weight of the ice-sheet carving its way through the rock.

The identity of the producer behind Craven Faults is a closely guarded secret, though clues litter the landscape if you know where to look…

A1. Vacca Wall (17:37)
B1. Deipkier (7:55)
B2. Cupola Smelt Mill (9:13)
C1. Slack Sley & Temple (18:24)
D1. Hangingstones (10:29)
D2. Signal Post (8:33)

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