CHAPTERHOUSE: “Rownderbowt” 4LP coloured Box Set *RSD 2021

CHAPTERHOUSE: “Rownderbowt” 4LP coloured Box Set *RSD 2021


CHAPTERHOUSE: “Rownderbowt” 4LP coloured Box Set *RSD 2021*

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CHAPTERHOUSE: “Rownderbowt” 4LP coloured Box Set *RSD 2021*

First time on vinyl release for RSD 2021 | marbled vinyl | biggest hits, rare tracks, demos

Chapterhouse was a British shoegaze band of the early 1990s, originally from Reading, England. Formed in 1987 by Andrew Sherriff and Stephen Patman, the band began performing alongside Spacemen 3.

The Rownderbowt compilation, a highly-coveted 4-LP set features their biggest hits, rare tracks, various B-sides, demos and a remix of “We Are Beautiful” by Spooky.

Rownderbowt was originally released on cd-only by Dedicated in 1996 and serves as a reminder to Chapterhouse fans about what the band might eventually do should it decide to record again.

Rownderbowt turns 25 in 2021. This year on Record Store Day, Music on Vinyl in cooperation with Sony Music

release the album on vinyl for the first time; A limited 25th anniversary edition on black & white marbled vinyl.

This 4-LP set is placed in a deluxe slip-case with spot-varnish. The package includes an insert with pictures and liner notes.

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