CARLTON MELTON: “Night Pillers” white LP *RSD 2021*

CARLTON MELTON: “Night Pillers” white LP *RSD 2021*



CARLTON MELTON: “Night Pillers” LP *RSD 2021*

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CARLTON MELTON: “Night Pillers” white LP *RSD 2021*

5 Newly mastered tracks from the same session that spawned 2020’s 2LP release “Where This Leads” Spaced sike-drone fizzle and eyeball-shaking distorto rock leading the way on this late night head-nodder!
Californian Magick Karpet riders, Carlton Melton, soar high on this Mini album, recorded /engineered by Phil Manley/El Studio and Mastered as ever by John McBain. Almost phasing out further than before, some of Millman’s lead guitar hits sike stratospheres and orbits we cant even dream of, more synth, a drum machine, more guitars and Clint Golden holding down the back line whilst Andy and Rich duel in space with riff-lazers… well, thats what we thought late on saturday night…flyyyy onnnnnn…….
600 copies WHITE VINYL ONLY!
Morning Warmth
High Noon Thirty
Safe Place

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