BILL EVANS: “Trio ’64” Verve Acoustic Sounds LP

BILL EVANS: “Trio ’64” Verve Acoustic Sounds LP


BILL EVANS: “Trio ’64” Verve Acoustic Sounds LP

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BILL EVANS: “Trio ’64” Verve Acoustic Sounds LP

Trio ‘64, Bill Evans’ first trio album for Verve marked a reunion with drummer Paul Motian and Evans’ only recorded work with bassist Gary Peacock.

The album matches up with Evans’ finest trio sessions, with his shimmering piano lines dancing between Peacock’s sharp bass lines and Motian’s usual sublime work on the drums. Peacock was a perfect match for Evans — he was a kindred spirit when it came to not simply following the musical trends of the day, as evidenced by his time spent with the likes of Albert Ayler and Paul Bley.

Verve’s Acoustic Sounds Series features transfers from analog tapes and remastered 180-gram vinyl in deluxe gatefold packaging.

By the way, the painting on the cover is by Olga Albizu, Puerto Rican (Abstract expressionist artist & painter 1924-2005) worked as a secretary at RCA Records in the 1950s. A friend of hers at RCA hung Albizu’s paintings in her office, where they came to the attention of the label’s art director Bob Jones. She also did the cool Getz/Gilberto one.

Little Lulu (Side A)
A Sleeping Bee (Side A)
Always (Side A)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Side A)
I’ll See You Again (Side B)
For Heaven’s Sake (Side B)
Dancing In The Dark (Side B)
Everything Happens To Me (Side B)

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